We boast a full calendar of activities all year round for the enjoyment of our ladies. The calendar includes a wide range of regular & seasonal activities.

Our home hosts in-house programs, as well as items hosted by both volunteers and visiting artists. Everyone loves birthday parties, and our ladies are no exception. We all look forward to celebrating these personal milestones too.

We see our home as a place in which to thrive through active stimulation and fun. Activities are tailored around the needs and abilities of all our residents. There is always something to suit everyone, irrespective of the level of care that they are receiving. Our volunteers and staff ensure that everyone has access to, enjoys at least some of our programs. We all participate in the fun and are always on hand to help.

Our home often hosts visiting musicians & choirs, and other artists too. We also invite guests that deliver very interesting talks & presentations for the benefit and enjoyment of our ladies.

Movies, board & table games are a regular feature on our calendar too. We find that these activities provide excitement & enjoyment, and is a welcome change from the daily routine. One of the weekly highlights of our calendar is ‘The Watering Hole’. ‘The Watering Hole’ is where we all enjoy a tipple or two in the company of good friends.

Our regular activities on offer include exercise classes, arts, crafts, games and entertainment. Church services are also held at our home on Sundays. In addition, the Anglican and Methodist churches visit us to give Holy Communion twice weekly. We also offer shopping trips on request (voluntary transport offered).

It’s Not All Fun & Games

Age aside, it is important to be as active as one is able to be. Exercises, yoga, walking, sports all help to make one feel light and happy. It also helps to release anti -stress hormones and of course the mind ticks along too. Competition in a fun way can also be very satisfying.

Music and meditation is food for the soul in an old age home. While the body moves with exercise, the heart and soul comes alive with the sound of music.

Taking part in leisure and fun activities is highly beneficial for the elderly. It greatly helps our older ladies to maintain their cognitive and physical functions. There are many benefits to positive mental health. A large number of medical studies also show that seniors who stay socially active enjoy better health & well-being. All this further aids in the aging process.